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Stowe Mission began in 1967 when the leadership of the German Village Baptist Church started an outreach program to lift down-and-out members of the local community through gospel hope and restoration.

The need was too great for a single church or group to bear, so the local association of Baptist Churches banded together to help. The decision was made to transform the German Village Church into the Darty F. Stowe Memorial Baptist Center in 1981.

The Center increased its resources to meet the growing number of neighbors who needed help in this community. To accommodate staffing and an ever-expanding group of volunteers, the Stowe Center became a 501(c)(3) in 2011, taking the name Stowe Mission of Central Ohio.

Stowe Mission soon moved across the street to its current location, a larger Parsons Avenue facility that increases the capacity to serve nearby community families and individuals with essential needs.

Now Stowe Mission offers a full spectrum of outreach programs that enrich body and soul. This is possible through the remarkable efforts of staff and volunteers and by cultivating relationships with donors and other non-profits.

Guided by Gospel, Driven by Need

The programs at Stowe Mission fall into three critical challenges for those in need – hunger, healthcare and education. Stowe Mission meets these needs with our community kitchen, food pantry, dental clinic, vision clinic, pregnancy resource center, after-school program, and weekly Christian services. We also provide a space for many partner organizations to serve in our neighborhood.

Through our ministries, we hope to see our neighbors grow into leaders who help others put their hope in Jesus and thrive in this community.

Our Partners

We are so thankful for the business partners that God has provided. Our community resource center is possible because of these vital relationships.

Interested in becoming a partner? We’d love to discuss the many opportunities for community leaders like you.

The Future of Stowe Mission

Community Resource Center

What does the future hold for Stowe Mission? With relentless passion, Stowe Mission looks with hope to expanding programs and outreach to communities with vulnerable citizens.

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