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The Stowe Mission after-school program meets each Monday and Wednesday that school is in session from 6-8pm.


For Students and Parents:

Each night, students receive 1 on 1 homework help, participate in hands on learning, and spend some time burning off some energy in our gym.

Our hands on learning time helps us to learn and develop various life skills. This includes cooking lessons, changing a tire, science experiments, engineering competitions, and much, much more.

In the gym we’ll spend some time playing sports or other games that allow us to get some exercise while practicing more life skills! This time, the skills will be more internally focused. Examples include managing our emotions, staying patient, listening to directions, and working as a team.

We will also spend some time each day digging into who God is and how the Bible helps us live our best lives.

Transportation is available to and from the program upon request.

Check out the photos below to see the fun we’ve had in years past!

If you are interested in enrolling your student in the Stowe Mission After School program, please click here to register

For Volunteers (or potential volunteers!):

We are in need of volunteers to serve as homework helpers, as leaders of our physical activity, hands-on learning, and ministry stations, and as van drivers and copilots.

For additional info on each of the stations, see the section for parents above! Copilots are volunteers who ride with our van drivers during pickup and drop off.

All volunteers will also serve as mentors to the students and will have the opportunity to show Jesus’ grace and love to them!

If you are interested in volunteering in one of these roles, please click here and our tutoring director will be in touch!

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