Healthcare Highlights

Aug 11, 2023

Healthcare at Stowe Mission

We are making a difference in our community. Our Dental and Vision Clinics are thriving thanks to the dedication and support of our amazing volunteers. With the addition of seven new volunteers, we can now serve even more individuals in the community, providing essential vision and dental services that significantly impact people’s lives.

Over the past year, Stowe Mission Clinics have provided an estimated $170,000 worth of services, reflecting the generosity and commitment of our team and partners. This level of care would not have been possible without the incredible support of our volunteers and donors. 

Our Dental Clinic operates eight days a month, offering vital dental care to those in need. We are excited to share that our Vision Clinic is now open three days a month, enabling us to address vision-related concerns and improve the overall well-being of our patients.

Our Dental Clinic

Dental Transformations
In June, our dental clinic encountered a truly unique and challenging case that showcased the remarkable impact of community support and collaboration. A young man walked through our doors, seeking an unconventional solution: removing all his teeth. However, through the expertise and dedication of our volunteer dentists and assistants, we were able to offer him a life-changing alternative.

Upon careful examination, Dr. Hoover recommended a different approach to address the young man’s dental concerns. Rather than extracting all his teeth, our team started on a journey to restore his teeth.

Our skilled dental professionals worked tirelessly during two procedures to bring this transformative change. The dedication demonstrated throughout the process was heartening and reaffirmed our commitment to impact the lives of those we serve.

The results were nothing short of extraordinary. As the young man’s new smile emerged, so did his boost of self-confidence, and the excitement in our dental clinic was palpable. Witnessing this transformation was a powerful reminder of dental care’s profound effect on an individual’s overall well-being.

Uncleaned teeth
Partially cleaned teeth
Clean teeth

Quit Smoking

Stowe Mission is partnering with the Breathing Association to introduce non-smoking sessions to
our neighbors! 

In response to the heartfelt stories shared by the community during their daily hot lunch gatherings
at the Community Kitchen, this collaboration addresses a critical need. Many individuals face challenges in securing food and housing, often sidelining their health.

This initiative represents an additional support layer, demonstrating Stowe Mission’s unwavering commitment to the community’s well-being. Join us in promoting a healthier, smoke-free lifestyle together! 

Clean teeth
Clean teeth

Pregnancy Resource Center Highlights

Stowe Pregnancy Resource Center is committed to serving women facing pregnancy challenges daily. We understand these women often encounter various hurdles, including financial constraints, emotional struggles, educational obstacles, and difficult decisions concerning their sexual health.

Mother holding two children

Our mission goes beyond providing healthcare resources; we strive to share the Gospel and God’s love, offering support and compassion to those in need. Providing educational resources and compassionate care can make a positive difference in these women’s and their families’ lives.

Recently, we had the privilege of ministering to a frightened pregnant teenager who needed understanding and encouragement during this uncertain time. We also helped and cared for a victim of child trafficking, extending a helping hand and a safe space for healing and growth. Our services have reached out to two homeless families, offering them a glimmer of hope and a chance to rebuild their lives. We have supported individuals overcoming addiction, providing the necessary support and resources to overcome their challenges. We foster a supportive environment to help married couples navigate their pregnancy together. 

We have also worked with men eager to become responsible and caring fathers, offering guidance and support to fulfill their aspirations. Our work extends to those who are unsure of their capabilities and those who feel overwhelmed by their circumstances. We stand by their side, empowering them with resources and support, so they can make informed decisions and embrace the future with hope.

Get Involved

If you share our commitment to helping those in need and positively impacting the lives of women facing pregnancy challenges, we invite you to join our Stowe Pregnancy Resource team. Contact us at  for paid and volunteer positions. Your support and involvement can make a significant difference in the lives of those hurting and needing love, care, and understanding.

Calling Pregnant Women – Help Us Train!

To help Nicole train, we need pregnant women under 18 weeks and receiving prenatal care. You can be part of Nicole’s ultrasound training! Join us as a training model to assist Nicole’s growth. Another ultrasound image awaits you. Our next training is set for 8/9/23.

Please join us in praying for those
we serve and contact our Prayer Coordinator, Anne Grether, at to receive our monthly email.

Mother Smiling at Child