Benefits of Reoccuring Giving

Maximize Your Donation Impact

We are excited to share a powerful way you can significantly impact our community programs at Stowe Mission: Recurring Monthly Giving.

In this post, we highlight the advantages of Recurring Monthly Giving — a straightforward and impactful method of supporting Stowe Mission and our programs. With a regular, automatic monthly donation, you can select an amount that aligns with your budget. This approach significantly benefits both you and Stowe Mission, enabling us to plan and execute our programs more effectively.

90% of every donation direct to community resource partners

Benefits of Monthly Recuring Giving

For Our Donors

    • Ease and Convenience. Setting up a recurring donation is easy and becomes a predictable part of your monthly budget. There is no end-of-year donation stress.
    • Real Impact. Witness the tangible impact of your donations as you stay connected with our mission. Receive quarterly newsletters, exclusive insights about our programs, expansions, prayer requests and community impact stories.

For Stowe Mission

    • Stability. Consistency is vital to our mission’s success, and recurring monthly donations provide stability.
    • Efficient. By becoming a monthly donor, you also help us focus on our programs and neighbors instead of spending excessive time seeking new donors each year. This predictable income ultimately saves us time and money by reducing operating costs.

Insights from a Monthly Donor

I have supported Stowe Mission for three years with a monthly donation. I believe in their mission to bring Christ to the people in downtown Columbus. As a student pursuing a healthcare degree, I love that Stowe Mission offers many free healthcare options for those who cannot usually afford it.

My introduction to Stowe Mission came when I served with my youth group, sorting food and demolishing a flooded basement. It was fun, but my decision to support Stowe Mission was the people working there. Everyone truly loved Jesus, which manifested in how the staff members interacted with people from the community.

– Tommy S.

Monthly Donations are Easy


  1. Click “Monetary Gift” on our website.
  2. Choose “Monthly” and select the amount you’d like to give.
  3. Fill out the pop-up form, and complete your donation by clicking the “Donate” button.
Stowe Donation Example

Become a Monthly Donor

We invite you to take this step and make an enduring impact on our community. Your continued support truly makes a world of difference.