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Stowe Mission fosters growth among our neighbors by providing community resources and impactful programs. We believe in creating a supportive environment that addresses immediate needs and cultivates lasting positive change.

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Stowe Mission End of Year Wrap Up
Wrapping up 2023

Wrapping up 2023

Thank you for an amazing 2023! As we close out the year, I’d like to share my gratitude for you and the amazing God we serve. We’ve seen many lives transformed by the Gospel this year which is the reason we do what we do at Stowe Mission. Thank you for helping make...

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Steps of Compassion

Warmth In Every Stitch: Stowe Mission’s Innovative Fleece Coat Project Takes Shape! An inspired idea and vision occurred this fall when Stowe Mission was given five bolts of fleece fabric from Walmart.

A Heartfelt Achievement

Stowe Mission Dental Clinic was awarded the prestigious 2023 Ohio Dental Association Access to Dental Care Program Award!


Ministry of the Week Interview

Ministry of the Week Stowe Mission is happy to have been featured on Ministry of the Week, where our Director of Outreach Joshua Shortridge was able to spread the good word about our programs. Below is our full week of interviews with Anne Rae, host of Ministry of...

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