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Our purpose is rooted in the teaching of the gospel, inspiring us to serve our neighbors in need.

For the summer months, we have launched a Summer of Sharing campaign. We invite you to play a significant role in bringing hope and support to those who need it most in our community. Monthly, you will receive updates and info about how to get involved with three major Stowe Mission programs. Through prayer and donations of time and money, we combat challenges our neighbors face daily – hunger, healthcare and educational needs. 

Three vital areas where our community requires assistance.


Imagine the joy of providing nourishing meals to those facing hunger. Through our hot meals and food pantry programs, we extend a helping hand to those dealing with the harsh realities of food insecurity.


Focused on improving quality of life, Stowe Mission offers our neighbors free vision, dental care and pregnancy resources. Your generous donations help to ensure access to these medical services.


Knowledge is empowering, and we offer after-school programs for children to learn, grow and develop essential life skills. Our church services are open to all and provide spiritual nurturing and support.

Three ways you can participate!


Join us as we seek blessing and guidance to pursue our mission in this community. Your positive energy and spiritual support are invaluable to us and to our neighbors.


Roll up your sleeves and actively help to serve our neighbors. Your time and dedication creates lasting impacts!


Every contribution, no matter the amount, help to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors. Help us provide essential services to those in need.

Ready to Help?

Let’s work hand in hand to serve our neighbors in need. Your enthusiasm, dedication and generosity will make a remarkable difference in the lives of many.

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