“This program has been my life line. I had no idea how to raise a child and I was so scared. However the people helped educate and encourage me with every visit. They also provided clothes,diapers, and toys for my baby. Words can’t explain how grateful I am. God is doing amazing things through this program.”

-I love Stowe Mission. I have my teeth done, my eyes and Christmas food. I have also donated stuff myself.


“I lost my dad and needed the support they gave. No questions asked.”

“I was extremely comfortable and showed the upmost respect!”

“This place has helped me so much. When I was scared, alone and homeless with nothing, I know that I can count on getting things that would keep me warm. I’m so afraid of going back to where I was, and I had to leave everything to keep myself safe.”

Without this program I could not eat all month long just meals on wheels would not fill me up. I can walk to m home and back and don’t need bus fare. I thank God for 888 Parsons.

“You guys are a blessing in my and my children’s hearts. Thank you for saving my life.”




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