Wrapping up 2023

Dec 14, 2023

Stowe Mission End of Year Wrap Up
Thank you for an amazing 2023! As we close out the year, I’d like to share my gratitude for you and the amazing God we serve. We’ve seen many lives transformed by the Gospel this year which is the reason we do what we do at Stowe Mission. Thank you for helping make these things possible.

As the year draws to a close, we look forward to what God has planned for Stowe Mission. Here is a snapshot of some of the amazing things in the works. It has been busy and there are doors opening up all across the state. As you read about these opportunities, I ask that you pray with us as we seek God’s wisdom in our steps.

Free Dental Clinic

Marion, Ohio – New Free Dental Clinic

We are thrilled to share an exciting development that profoundly impacts dental healthcare access in Ohio. In collaboration with Grace Clinic Ohio & Leapin’ Outreach Ministries, Stowe Mission is answering the calling to open a much-needed dental clinic in Marion, Ohio.

For 42 years, our Parsons Ave. Dental Clinic has provided essential dental services free of charge to those in need. The demand for our services has been overwhelming, with patients traveling from all corners of the state searching for relief from dental pain.

With this new opportunity on the horizon, we are ready to extend our reach and create a dental care clinic in Marion. This expansion will allow us to serve even more individuals currently facing barriers to accessing dental treatment.

With three exam chairs, two x-ray machines, and various dental tools stored in our warehouse, we aim to open this Marion location in Spring 2024. In the initial phase, we will focus on essential services like tooth extractions and cleaning services. Additional services will be added as a solid dental volunteer roster is built.

The Hub – Sharon Woods Food Pantry

Stowe Mission is gearing up to extend our reach and impact by answering the call of a community in need. Opening in January 2024, our new food pantry will serve the Sharon Woods neighborhood.

Located inside the Strategic Church Network building, called The Ministry Hub, Stowe Mission Food Pantry will operate two days a week. Our pantry will provide non-perishable goods with dairy and meat options to ensure a balanced and nutritious selection. As other community needs are determined, more services will be added.

We kickstarted our work at The Hub with backpack giveaways and our Toys of Hope events for the past two seasons. Building upon this connection to the community, we hope to further serve our neighbors in need.

Stowe Mission sees this as an opportunity to foster community and connection by assisting in the practical aspects of resettling. These families need to hear the Gospel and feel the warmth of God’s love as they integrate into a new city.

Sharon Woods Food Pantry
Stowe Donation Center

Powell, Ohio – Finding Hope Center

The Finding Hope Center has been supporting families for several years. Stowe Mission has regularly partnered with the Finding Hope Center by donating furniture and housewares. This unique opportunity goes beyond furniture – creating a home and supporting a community. In 2024, Stowe Mission will assume the administrative role of the Finding Hope Center. This furniture bank in Powell Ohio is pivotal in supporting immigrant families settling in Columbus.

Imagine the challenges of relocating to a foreign land – limited language skills, the need to secure work, find and furnish a home – all while navigating unfamiliar systems without a supportive network.

Findlay, Ohio – New Location for Multiple Services

Exciting news is on the horizon! Stowe Mission is in the early planning phase to establish a new, stand-alone mission in Findlay, Ohio. This opportunity allows Stowe Mission to minister in a new community with programs that address spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional needs through Christ-centered compassion.

We believe in building bridges, and that starts with building relationships. Stowe Mission will collaborate with local Findlay churches, non-profit organizations, civic leaders, and businesses to identify unmet or under-met needs within the community, aiming to develop compassionate programs and services that align with the community’s values and requirements.

Our new mission will be located within an old school campus and share space with Youth for Christ City Life Group, a nondenominational church, and a re-entry program building furniture.

With the support of Findlay area churches, we are establishing a mission to serve and nurture a community in need. By combining reporting and impact assessments, we aim to enhance our ability to initiate funding opportunities. Your support plays a crucial role in making this vision a reality that has a lasting impact.

Be part of this journey!

As you can clearly see, we are quickly seeing the results of years of prayer to expand Stowe Mission into other communities. As we are guided by the gospel to serve our neighbors in need, I ask that you consider how you can help with this expansion. Obviously, opening 4 NEW LOCATIONS will take significant financial resources in addition to our time and energy. Will you help Stowe Mission as we try to raise $420,000 to ensure that these locations are able to open in 2024? Join in with an end-of-the-year gift to support the growing ministries of Stowe Mission.

In Christ’s Service,

Kelli Karlich